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Meet the team

Like most good things, Deep Play is the result of a great team and a little bit of obsession about finding a healthier, more effective way of getting things done.

In a word, Adam is a storyteller. With a background in applied design, his practice today crosses boundaries from design and strategy to education and consulting. His work ranges from experience design and strategy with New York based Openshop, teaching strategic design, with a focus on economics and organizations, at Parsons School of Design, strategic real estate development consulting with Threshold and coaching through Deep Play, which introduces design thinking as a model of practice to organizations and emerging leaders.

Adam Hayes

Author & Designer

Jimena is a strategist and interior designer whose interest lies in the collision between strategy, experience design and the built environment. In her Interior Design practice, Jimena incorporates different thinking models and tools to make human centered design the core and starting point of every project. She likes to get inspiration from her surroundings and exploring different expressions of creativity.

Jimena Murillo


NW Headshot.png

Nishant is a generalist who believes in the power of design as a collaborative practice to drive transitions into desired states. He pursues holistic design practice that integrates brand, product, service, experience, and business, as well as culture-focused design of the workplace, and lays focus on multidimensional value creation and organizational wellness in his projects. Nishant also teaches in the Strategic Design & Management program at Parsons. Cooking and crosswords are constant companions.

Nishant Wazir


Co-founder at Openshop, Mark continues to be a key influence on the evolution of Deep Play. Over a span of 30 years marrying design and strategic business goals, and teaching in the Strategic Design & Management program at Parsons School of Design for 9, Mark has co-created the integrated practice that is Openshop, of which Deep Play is a culmination.

Mark Kroeckel



Juan Ortiz Ramirez

Key Contributor


Holly Cargill

Key Contributor

Strategist & Designer


Paige Johnston

Key Contributor

Strategist & Designer

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