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Deep Play :

1. intransitive verb:

To learn by exploring, tinkering, taking risks

2. noun:

A practice that turns our instinct to play into a path to solving problems and improving how we approach work and life

Deep Play is a practice that engages our inner sense of creativity, curiosity and imagination to solve real problems.

Who is it for?

Individuals and organizations that strive to be more resilient and agile.

Its principles and tools create agency that allows us to be better creative problem solvers, more effective communicators and engaged strategic leaders.

What does it do?

We live in a complex and evolving world. More than ever we are faced with the challenge of finding new organizational models to face unexpected obstacles. These changes are difficult but they begin with people.


Most people get to bring to the table only a portion of the talents and skills that they possess. The list of reasons is a long one. Some are insidious like inequality or bias but others like time management or information flow are unintended consequences.


Deep Play seeks a way out. Not a way of radical change but one of gradual meaningful change that empowers everyone to be part of creating a better more resilient model for living and working.

Agency & Resilience



Take things apart


Be fearless about learning

Take time for musing


Passion breeds success



Always be curious

Be the person you want to see in others


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The Program

Deep Play is a way to reintroduce the value of play into our lives and our work by building on our natural instincts. Deep Play emerges when we free our curiosity to explore the world and then use the things we discover to build new models of practice.


We believe that a practice has to be taught to the individual or group that will use it. While many aspects remain fundamental, it is important that the facilitation respond to a unique set of needs by the users     


To facilitate a bespoke practice the Deep Play program is delivered in three parts.


Who are you and what do you need from Deep Play?


Curiosity, Creativity, Communication, Change Management and Leadership are introduced and developed in The Four Frames.


How can Deep Play be strategically integrated into your organization?

Deep Play


Deep Play is a practice with roots in the history of design that works to build a practice that brings resilience and agility in today’s world. Frame 01 introduces the core ideas and principles of Deep Play while situating them relative to other models of practice.

Communicating Value


Curiosity and creativity helps you think with breadth and depth but we also need to share these insights. Communicating well lets you take the value created and share it with your team, your leadership and your clients. Frame 03 teaches us how to listen better and to understand that communication means achieving shared values.

There are four frames that introduce and unpack the principles and deploy the practice of Deep Play


Curiosity & Creativity


Today’s constantly changing world demands more of us than ever. We need the agility to move between skill sets and the confidence to embrace diversity. Frame 02 takes the raw material of curiosity and creativity, harnessing their powers to create the engine of an effective overall practice.

Leadership & Change Management


Leadership is not prescriptive and change is constant. Frame 04 builds the skills to lead through framing, creating a flexible collaborative structure that delivers agency to its members.


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